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David Whitehead - author of Black Horse Westerns by Ben Bridges,  Glenn Lockwood, Matt Logan, Doug Thorne, Carter West


The Silver Trail by Ben Bridges
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Come on in an' light a spell! If you've ever read a Black Horse Western by Ben Bridges, Glenn Lockwood, Matt Logan, Carter West, or just plain ol' David Whitehead, and figured you'd like to know more about the author -- or just about western fiction in general -- then this is the site for you!


Firstly, I want to thank you for taking the time and trouble to pay me this visit. I really do appreciate it. My name is David Whitehead, and under my own name and the pen-names "Ben Bridges", "Glenn Lockwood" and "Matt Logan" and "Janet Whitehead" I've spent the last quarter-century writing westerns, thrillers, romances, horror and SF. Most of my books have been issued by the London-based publisher, Robert Hale Limited, but more recently I have also been published by F.A. Thorpe and through my own imprint, Bookends Books.

I also write as "Carter West", a pseudonym I share with my friend Link Hullar (with whom I've also written two books as "Leonard F Meares"). With my friend Alfred Wallon, one of Germany's leading Western writers, I also write as "Doug Thorne".

The Wilde Boys by Ben Bridges
Yours for Eternity by Janet Whitehead
Law of the Gun by David Whitehead
Gunsmoke Legend by Matt Logan

Although I've written several "stand-alone" westerns (details of which are given in the accompanying bibliography), the ones I've enjoyed writing the most feature regular recurring characters.
My own particular favourite is Carter O'Brien, a freelance fighting man who makes a living out of taking on -- and completing -- the jobs other men say can't be done. Then there's former US Marshal Jim Allison; a mismatched bunch of outlaw-busters known as The Wilde Boys; private-eye Luke Heller; reluctant pistoleer Ash Colter; drifters Sam Judge and Matt Dury; and -- with Link -- Sam Lockwood, Luther Kane and all the other "Galvanized Yankees" of Bannerman, Arizona Territory.

A Quest of Heroes by Leonard Meares
Lockwood's Law by Carter West
Back With a Vengeance by Glenn Lockwood
All Guns Blazing by Doug Thorne

Although I have more recently concentrated on writing contemporary thrillers and horror novels, the Old West has always fascinated me the most, and I have tremendous respect for the subject. I'm not an expert on the west, and don't claim to be. But when I sit down to write a western, you can be absolutely certain that I make every effort to get the facts and the geography just as right as I can. I have no wish to insult the reader; on the contrary, I want to give him or her the best possible time I can, with stories you can't easily predict and, hopefully, characters you can believe in.

Only you can tell whether or not I've succeeded. And any time you want to let me know what you think of my westerns, or British western fiction in general, feel free to drop me a line.

Through this site you can keep up-to-date with all my writing and publishing activity. You can check out my bibliography and biography, but this site isn't just about me. You'll find articles about western writers I've known or admired over the years, what I consider to be the fifty western novels no fan should be without and even a page that explodes many of the myths of the Old West!

However, that's enough of an introduction, I think. Now it's down to you to go and explore the site for yourself!


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