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Welcome to the online home of TWENTY-ONE-TIME Amazon Kindle Number One Bestselling Western Writer BEN BRIDGES.

Ben's real name is David Whitehead, and under his own name and the pen-names "Ben Bridges" , "Glenn Lockwood", "Matt Logan", "Carter West" (a name he shared with Link Hullar), "Doug Thorne" (a name he shared with Alfred Wallon) and "Janet Whitehead" he's spent the last three decades writing westerns, romances, horror and SF. Most of his horrors, thrillers and all of his Sherlock Holmes yarns were written in collaboration with Hollywood TV legend Steve Hayes. For ease of reference, most of his books have now been reissued under his best-known pseudonym -- Ben Bridges.

Ben's books were originally issued in the U.K. by Robert Hale Limited, but more recently he's also been published by F.A. Thorpe and through his own imprint, Bookends Books. Since 2012, he and fellow western writer Mike Stotter have been running Piccadilly Publishing, a company dedicated to publishing new and classic series fiction from yesterday and today.

The Wilde Boys by Ben Bridges
Yours for Eternity by Janet Whitehead
Law of the Gun by David Whitehead
Lockwood's Law by Carter West
Back With a Vengeance by Glenn Lockwood
All Guns Blazing by Doug Thorne

Through this site you can keep up-to-date with all of Ben's writing and publishing activity. You can check out his bibliography and biography, but this site isn't just about Ben Bridges. You'll find articles about western writers Ben has known or admired over the years, what he considers to be the fifty western novels no fan should be without and much, much more!

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